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This shaft will arrive ready to play, professionally built by NCNO Golf Lab with the love and care you expect from us.

1.  Select the shaft weight and flex.
2.  Select the tip for the head you will be playing.
3.  Add your playing preferences in the Special Instructions Box.

Please include the exact model of the head, your intended playing length, grip type & grip weight. If you have any specific tipping instructions please include those. If you do not know your desired playing length, your shaft will arrive ready to play at factory standard playing length.

If there is anything you are unsure of, or have any questions, please feel free to get  in touch with us. We'll take excellent care of you! 


Manufacturer Info

Fujikura’s original 3D motion capture system “enso” and “VTC” that precisely controls torque distribution were adopted, and the first generation “NX” evolved from 2D to 3D design. FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX GREEN is based on such a first-generation model and designed with a smooth EI distribution with little undulation. On the other hand, the difference in torsional rigidity between the middle part and the hand side is increased to create a shaft that can be turned flexibly. In addition, by increasing the bending rigidity on the tip side, it is possible to push the impact and further increase the ball speed. FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX GREEN is a shaft that has high straightness and achieves a strong trajectory.

Care Instructions

Whatever you do, DO NOT leave your golf clubs in the car. Prolonged exposure to heat and moisture can significantly affect playability and/or damage your clubs. Heat can make the epoxy brittle over time, and grips can harden. Moisture can speed up rust and mold can also form in bags.

We've always got your back here at NCNO Golf Lab, and we want you to play your best golf, but for the love of god, take good care of those sticks.

Shipping & Returns

Please choose your weapon wisely because ALL shaft sales are final.

Please contact us via email to discuss any issues you may have.

Still Unsure?

We're not some faceless folks that you can't get in touch with. If you need ANY help deciding on a shaft, or have questions about anything else, just use the chat feature right here!

And remember, we treat your clubs like our own because we want you to play your best golf and enjoy the game as much as you can!

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